About Me

My camera is a shield that gives me the courage to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and the images I make are a window into how I see the world. The world is amazing! 

About My Photography

As A Business

On the business side of photography, my goals are to create images for you that meet your goals and requirements, but with my twist on them.

The images used throughout this site represent that. They have been created for other people, but these are the ones I selected, the ones that I like, to represent what I can do for you. 

My Story

I am a Photographer. That is the simple “about me”. 

Looking back at my life, I see events and experiences that have lead me to photography. There are two that stand out to me. One was receiving a camera for Christmas as a kid from my parents. Second was in school, maybe 5th or 6th grade, we made a school newsletter so we had to learn about photography and learned how to develop film.

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My Goals

My goals with my photography are to create images that provide value, whether that value is to help a real estate agent land that new client because they look confident and trustworthy in their headshot, or  for you to show your kid how awesome you were in high school, to hopefully motivate them to do better than you.



Bakersfield, California


(661)  301-1344