Congratulations on making it this far!
You’re going to be starting your Senior Year!

Cesar Chavez High School

Senior Yearbook Portraits

Information you need to know
We will be holding several senior yearbook photo sessions during the summer and some during the year to do our best to accommodate your busy schedules, but those deadlines come fast, so it is highly recommended to schedule yours as soon as possible to guarantee that your picture will be included in the yearbook.
What to expect

Cesar Chavez High School has chosen to use traditional portraits for its senior yearbook images, which is for young men, a white, button down shirt with a black jacket and black tie. Young women will wear a black wrap/shawl. The attire will be provided for you at the photo shoot by Anthony Ruiz Photography and Topper’s Tuxedos. You can find Topper’s on Facebook at Topper’s and Instagram at @topperstuxedos.

The “Basic Yearbook” portrait session will include your yearbook portrait and 1-5×7 and 4 wallet prints for $30, or you can upgrade to the “Yearbook Plus” which gives you 1-8×10, 1-5×7, and 8 wallets for $40. You will select your favorite image immediately after the session to use in the yearbook and your picture package. These prices will go up as the yearbook deadline approaches.

You can also upgrade your package to the “Full Senior Session” which includes everything in the “Yearbook Plus”  and a full photo session (regular price $150) for $99. *Photoshoot must be scheduled for a separate date and the $99 covers the “Yearbook Plus” package and the session fee for the photoshoot. Images from the full session will be made available for purchase at a viewing/ordering session, to be scheduled after the full photoshoot.

The finished portraits will be delivered to the school in December, before Christmas break.

Yearbook Package Options
These package prices are good for the day of your yearbook session only and prices will go up as the deadline gets closer.


Basic Yearbook


Yearbook Portrait

1 – 5×7

4 – wallets


Yearbook Plus


Yearbook Portrait

1 – 8×10

1 – 5×7

8 – wallets



Full Senior Session


Yearbook Portrait:

1 – 8×10

1 – 5×7

8 – wallets

Full senior portrait session

(images sold separately)

We know you have a choice on who you choose for your personal senior portrait session and we hope that you will consider Anthony Ruiz Photography to provide those for you. We will be taking appointments for your personal session at the yearbook shoot. For more information about personal portrait sessions see here.
Arrive on time to your appointment with your hair combed, wearing a plain white t-shirt/undershirt. You will be provided the shirt, jacket and tie to wear for the shoot at the appointment. It is important to be on time, to make this go as smoothly as possible for everyone. If you are late, you may have to wait longer in order to not delay another student who was on time.
For young women
Arrive on time to your appointment with your hair combed and make-up picture ready. It is best to have a top with spaghetti straps that can be pulled down slightly off the shoulders, below the drape. If you would like to wear a necklace or some other modest jewelry, make sure to bring it. If you are late, you may have to wait longer, in order to not delay another student who was on time.

We will be photographing the 2019-20 Senior Yearbook Portraits at the CCHS Library July 18th and 25th from 12:30 pm to 5 pm, and August 22nd 3 pm to 7 pm . One final date for group sessions will take place in Bakersfield on Saturday, 9/28 from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm. As the deadline approaches I will try to accomadate as many students as I can. If you would like to schedule an appointment please use the contact form below for available spots.

I will be filling the appointments in the order I received them. Please use the form below to request an appointment, or email to schedule an appointment.

If these dates do not work for you, you can always schedule a personal session in Bakersfield at a date and time more convenient for you, but the special pricing only applies to the group sessions at CCHS. If you’d like to schedule a personal session, select any time on the contact form and select the “Full Session”, then let me know in the details section of the contact form a date and time that will work for you and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Keep checking back on this page for updates.


Your appointment is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation email. If you sent a request and have not received a confirmation email from me within a couple days, please send me a text (661-301-1344) with your full name, email, and the time you selected and I will try to confirm your appointment as soon as possible. Thank you!

Request an appointment

Preferred Package


Is the money due when I take the pictures?
Yes, payment for the package you select is due at the yearbook portrait session. And the prices listed are good only the day you take the pictures.
I selected the $99 full session package, will the full session be done the same day at the library?
No, at the library we will only take the yearbook portrait. Your full session is more personal and requires more time than we have available that day. However, you must pay for the package that day. Then, in about 2 weeks, I will call you to schedule your full session appointment.
I selected the $40 yearbook plus session, but now I want to upgrade it to the full session, can I just pay the difference?

No. The $99 full session with the yearbook plus package offer is only good the day of your senior yearbook portrait session. As a CCHS student I can still offer you the full session for $99 after your yearbook session has taken place, which is regularly priced at $150, if you let me know that you already had your yearbook portrait taken.

I’ve called you a bunch of times and I can never get ahold of you to make my appointment. Why don’t you answer your phone?
When you call, do you leave a voicemail? If I’m in the middle of a photo shoot, or meeting with a client, or driving, or any other thing that I can’t get away from, I can’t answer my phone. If you leave me a voicemail and tell me who you are, I will call you back as soon as I can.
I submitted an appointment request, but I never received a confirmation back. What should I do?
First, be sure to check your spam folder to see if my confirmation went there. Sometimes, the request forms don’t make it to me. I’m not sure why, but when I receive so many and a few don’t come through, it’s hard to troubleshoot where the failure is happening. I’m sorry for that, and I will continue to work on it. If you don’t receive a confirmation within a couple of days, you can text me, call me, or try emailing me again. And please, read the next question.
Can I text you for an appointment?
Yes, I will respond to texts, but please, help me help you. I don’t know who you are, other than a phone number. If you send me a text message wanting to schedule an appointment, check the contact form first for available times, then send me your name, first and last, the date and time you would like for your appointment, and your email address. Then, if the appointment time you select is still available, I can confirm it or offer you the next closest available appointment.
I missed the previous dates and can't make it to the next one, what are my options?
Depending on how many students need to have their portraits taken, we may schedule an additional date at the school, but we won’t know until we assess the numbers after August 30th. You also have the option of scheduling your own individual yearbook only session that would take place in Bakersfield, but because it is an individual session, the Basic Yearbook package is not available. The individual appointment Yearbook Plus is available for $50 or the Full Session is available for $99.
When will I receive my prints?
The prints will be delivered to the high school in December, before Christmas break.