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High School Seniors

Make it Memorable

Really Getting To Know You

Your High School experience is uniquely yours. It is an experience unlike anything else in your life.

Now that you are ready for your Senior Session, we will have a conversation that will help me get to know more about you, which will allow me to create a set of images that will bring together that experience for you. To give you a set of images that you will want to look at and share and not just stick in a drawer somewhere.

The more I learn about what was important to you the better your images will be able to represent your experience.

So, if your ready, let’s do it!   BOOK YOUR SESSION!

You are Unique

 We want to know who we will be photographing, so, we will have you answer a few questions to help us get to know you.

 Congratulations, on making it this far! I knew you could do it! I’m so excited and looking forward to working with you!

 I want to know about the sport you put everything into throughout your high school years. How much you enjoyed your favorite subject and who your favorite teacher is. And what was your worst subject, the one you’re going to miss the least….

These are some of the questions that will help get the best session for you!

The Session


I want the session to be fun!

When you book a session for me to photograph you, I need to get to know who you are. So, first off, we will schedule a consultation to develop a game plan for a session personalized for you. We will discuss options such as outfit changes, shoot locations, hair and make-up (if necessary), etc.

Then we’ll schedule the shoot!

A Story…

This is Jacob. He spent four years in Air Force JROTC. He learned about leadership skills, teamwork, and goal setting among other things. He climbed these stairs, which lead to the JROTC classroom, for four years, climbing his way to Group Commander. His goals were to go to a college with an Air Force ROTC Program, then after graduating from college, join the Air Force.

He is currently at San Jose State University, enrolled in the Air Force ROTC.

This image captures that part of his life.

What is the important part of your story that you’ll want to remember. Let me help you tell that story.


 There are many pricing options, which include simple prints, canvas, metal prints, coffee table books, etc., but I know you are looking for a price range so you can plan a budget. 

This is where the base prices start:

Session fee is $150 in most situations (see FAQ). That includes the consultation, the shoot, and the sales/viewing session.

Print sales typically start at around $700 depending on the types of prints, and quantities selected.

Prints, albums, etc, are extra. Contact me for a pricelist.

Schedule A Session


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the session fee not $150?

The session fee is $150, which includes the consultation, the shoot, and the viewing/ordering session. The shooting part is the determining factor. I will do what it takes to get the images we need, within reason. That means, if you absolutely need an image of you in a place where we need a permit, or have to travel far, or is overly challenging, I will either talk you out of it with another suggestion or tell you how much more it will be. Most session will be $150. 

Can I just print the Digital Web Resolution Images?

Well, it’s like this… the short answer is no.

The longer answer is that those images are for you to share on Facebook or with Grandma and family and friends, so they can show off their amazing grandchild, relative, or friend! They are not meant to be printed. They just won’t look as good as a file made to be printed. I work with several professional print labs that supply me with high quality images on a variety of materials (prints, metal, canvas, acrylic) and albums.

 Full resolution digital images are available for purchase at additional cost, but due to the differences in consumer labs and lab technicians, I cannot guarantee the quality of the prints if you do it on your own.

Where will the shoot take place?

That’s what the consultation is for. If you excelled in athletics, or music, or academics, or something else, you will want an environment that will help tell the story. During the consultation we will discuss clothing and the shooting environment, and what we have available to us.

How many outfit changes do you allow?

This is another one that would be discussed during the consultation. We will make enough outfit changes to tell your story.

Will you retouch my images?
I try to do as little retouching as possible. These images should show who you are now. Proper lighting, posing, and composition will help us capture the best images we can. However, sometimes a pimple or blemish might be a problem and that’s not a permanent part of who you are, so those will be touched up. If you need braces removed or hair color changed or something else like that, I will try to talk you out of it, or do it at an additional cost.
Do you offer referral discounts?
Yes, of course! I want you to tell everyone you know about me! I will give you referral cards and if anyone you refer books a session with me, you will get a $25 print credit. But wait! There’s more! They will get a $25 credit on their print purchase as well. It’s that simple.


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