What goes into taking a family portrait?

The Gamboa Family

Starting out as a photographer, this was the biggest group family portrait I had made up to this time. I’m not sure I really knew what I was doing, in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t, but photography was something I really enjoyed and thought there was potential to earn a living doing something I loved.

I can still remember how stressed I was getting ready for the session. It seems so easy to take pictures, I mean you just push a button, right? And if you have a fancy camera, it does all the work anyway. The only problem with that is while cameras have gotten smarter with technology, they are still just dumb machines that do the best they can with the information they’re given.

In many situations, most cameras do a fine job and capturing the scene in front of you, but there are many situations where the automatic modes of the camera just can’t quite figure out how to get it right. And we all know how hard it can be taking a simple family picture, when you are trying to make sure everyone is looking at the camera and not blinking or crying or making faces… now multiply that over 4 generations of one large family, made up of several smaller individual families.

I am grateful to the Gamboa family for trusting me to do this for them over 10 years ago and I hope they still value the portrait as much as I do.
If you are wanting to take a family portrait but you are waiting until you lose that last 10 lbs, or to get the kids haircut, or to get your matching outfits, your family is constantly changing and the only time you can capture this memory is to do it now as tomorrow is never promised to anyone. And I would be honored to be a part of helping you capture that memory.

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