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High School Seniors

High School Seniors are a different breed these days. Everything is so competitive that they struggle to keep up with homework, sports, clubs, as well as other activities. It goes by so fast that it can seem like we almost forgot to breath. That’s exactly why your Senior Portrait Session is so important. Take a minute to freeze this time in your life with a custom portrait session because before you realize it, it’ll be just a memory, and these portraits will remind you how wonderful it actually was.

Professional Business Portraits

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. What does your image say about you? Are you a real estate agent, a musician, a Chiropractor, or some other kind of business professional? Your professional image certainly says something about you. Let me help you get your message across so you can do what you’re best at.

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Anyone can take a picture of someone,
I want to capture a portrait of who they are, right now

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The Camera is just a Tool

The camera is a tool to do a job. Just a box that captures light. In the right hands it can be amazing. My hope is to, one day, be amazing.

It’s the Moments

The moments, the emotions, the laughter, the joy… that’s what’s important in a portrait.

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Photography for me is…

Photography for me is so important because of the short time we are allowed to be here. After we’re gone, all that’s left is memories, and pictures become a connection that strengthen those memories for those we leave behind.

- Anthony Ruiz

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